Housing Application

To complete the Housing Application you must be currently enrolled or have applied for enrollment and met with an Enrollment Advisor at Kendall College. If you have met with an Enrollment Advisor at Kendall College, please proceed.

We highly encourage students to openly and honestly complete the Housing Application. Any information provided on the Housing Application will be used for Housing and Residence Life purposes. Roommate selection will be based upon the information provided. Additionally, your roommate(s) will be provided your phone number and e-mail address prior to move-in. Please hit the submit button once you have double checked the Housing Application for accuracy. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Completing this application does not reserve you a space in housing.  This is the first step in a 3-step process.  Once the quarter that you are applying for nears, you will be emailed at the e-mail address you have provided with the remainder of steps to complete the process.  You should check your junk mail filters to ensure you are able to receive emails from us.

Thank you for considering Kendall College Student Housing.

  • Personal Information

    • First Name *
      Enter your first/given name
    • Middle Name *
      Enter full or initial of your middle name
    • Last Name *
      Enter your last/family name
    • Date Of Birth *
      Select date of birth
    • Gender *
      Select gender
  • Current Address

    • Street Address *
      Enter the street address and apartment
    • City *
      Enter city
    • State / Province *
      Select state or enter province name
    • Zip Code *
      Enter the zip code
    • Country *
      Select the country
  • Contact Information

    • Phone Number *
      Enter your phone number and select the type
    • Type
    • Email Address *
      Enter your email address twice

    • Confirm Email Address
  • Parent / Legal Guardian Information

    • Parent / Guardian (1) Name
      Enter the name of the first parent/guardian
    • Parent / Guardian (1) Email Address
      Enter the email of the first parent/guardian
    • Parent / Guardian (2) Name
      Enter the name of the second parent/guardian
    • Parent / Guardian (2) Email Address
      Enter the email of the second parent/guardian
  • Emergency Contact

    This should be a relative/trusted adult closest to you while you are in Chicago, that in an emergency could make a decision about our well being.

    • Name
      Enter the name of emergency contact
    • Phone Number
      Enter the phone number for emergency contact
    • Type
    • Relationship
      Enter the relationship of the emergency contact
  • Academics

    • Move In Term *
      Select the term you would like to move in
    • Program Of Study *
      Select the program of study
    • Student Status *
      Select your status
    • Additional Status Information *
      Select additional status information
    • Explain Other Status
      If you selected Other above, please explain
    • Special Program
      If you are attending Kendall through a Special Program, please indicate which program
    • Quarters At Kendall *
      How many quarters will you be at Kendall?
  • Preferences

    • Do you smoke? *
    • I prefer a roommate who is *
    • Do you have allergies? *
    • Explain Allergies
      If you have allergies, please provide additional information
    • Where do you usually study? *
    • How would you describe yourself? *
    • When do you usually go to bed? *
    • How do you usually keep your room? *
    • How often do you plan to have guests? *
    • Personal Items Sharing *
      Are you comfortable sharing your personal items with your roommates (i.e. TV, stereo, computer, dishes)?
    • Would you like to tell us anything else?